Our Story

AleeceA cupcake to build a dream on


I have been baking for my family and friends for as long as i can remember and I have worked in a few bakeries over the last several years and I have come to the conclusion, I LOVE CUPCAKES! They are one of the things I am most passionate about. They are like a smile with frosting on top. For me they are my go to pick-me-up to brighten a bad day and the perfect addition to any special occasion. So I have decided to follow my dream of sharing the happiness cupcakes bring me to all I can with Cupcake Ave, your go to cupcake destination.
Cupcake Ave is here to offer you cupcakes that are made from scratch so they not only look fantastic but taste delicious (I’ve been told it must be the extra love I mix in every batch that adds to the deliciousness)